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ARTGALA’s Private Sales


ARTGALA’s Private Auction Rooms provide the opportunity to meet with our representatives for an exclusive, in person, digital experience. Private Rooms and Advisory Services are available upon reservation.

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ARTGALA has developed opportunities for our consigners to consign items to our online auctions, host private auction room events and list work with our advisory services. These services opportunities have the following specifications and advantages that can exceed your art collection, career and professional net worth in the market of luxury goods.

ARTGALA’s Private Rooms Services are not open to the public and are subject to reservation and booking with our advisory team. Service fees vary depending on the auction room and advisory needs.



ARTGALA LLC is inspired by the idea of sharing the love of art all around the word.  Our mission to our members is to facilitate the art-collecting process. Join us as we aim to bridge emerging and mid-career artists with collectors and patrons.