About Us

ARTGALA was founded on September 30, 2016 and was inspired by the idea of sharing the love of art all around the world. Our mission is to create deeper insight within our art community by providing access to an expanding global network.

ARTGALA is an online auction platform that provides art connoisseurs worldwide the opportunity to experience the convenience of the digital era.  Our auctions showcase a variety of collectible artworks that have been meticulously selected.  Certification of authenticity is required.

ARTGALA has developed opportunities for our consignors to consign items to our online auctions, host private auction room events and list work with our advisory services. These services opportunities have the following specifications and advantages that can exceed your art collection, career and professional net worth in the market of luxury goods. 

ARTGALA participants must register and agree to our terms and conditions.

ARTGALA does not publish auction results in price databases.

We invite collectors and artists to explore ARTGALA. We look forward to providing you with many opportunities to expand your collections as we help artists gain global exposure.