ARTGALA LLC has developed exclusive opportunities for our collectors, dealers & collaborators to obtain premium access to the market of luxury goods. Our range of services has the specifications and advantages that assist in the ongoing appreciation of your investment in your collection. Our mission to our members is to facilitate the art-collecting process.

ARTGALA LLC Advisory services include:

  • Personal consults for private acquisitions & sales.
  • Personal consults of sourcing & displaying artwork.
  • Curating and project design of interior design projects.
  • Curating of corporate & hotel projects.
  • Artist and portfolio management.
  • Artist commissions and creative projects.
  • Management of private collections.
  • Coordinating and management of art events.
  • Auction House Negotiations.
  • Market Research.    
  • Shipping & Logistics.

ARTGALA LLC will work directly with our members to correctly execute the coordination and management of the project.