Celestial Migration ByArthur Kwon Lee 


 Schedule June 25 th,5:00 AM – July 21st 8:00PM

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Arthur Kwon Lee

Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American visual artist born in Washington, DC working in New York City. He is best known for capturing archetypal imagery through a combination of historical figures and cultural mythologies across the globe – his paintings can be described as a marriage of mythological representation and Fauvism. Lee has exhibited and been awarded by the George Washington University, the Overseas National Institute and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, to name only a few. His paintings often stack themes that appear contradictory at first glance but when looked upon in depth breathe an honest attempt to animate the deepest convictions of our collective unconscious. His paintings are by nature intense with a myriad of philosophical undertones often paying homage to the ancients and beyond. Arthur Kwon’s art stands in budding contrast to the dominant post-modernist ideology held in most galleries today.

Before this love of painting, Arthur Kwon was a Division One ranked athlete winning Bronze in the US Tae Kwon Do Nationals for 3 consecutive years. The intensity Arthur experienced at this time of his life continues through his artwork, the scale and the diversity of dynamic brushstrokes he produces tells the story of a man who needs to use his entire body when painting. He has exhibited his paintings at the Gallery of San Carpoforo in Milan, The Bullock Gallery, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and has had the honor of being the resident artist for institutions such as McLean Project for the Arts and the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation. Arthur Kwon has also worked with numerous respected organizations like Mana Contemporary, DC Arts & Humanities, Prague Auction House and ChaShaMa. Lee’s paintings are symbolically evocative whilst making oblique references to the archetypal mythos. Luminous colors, gestural expressionism and movement have made his artwork a highly sought object of desire and representation of our times.

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Artwork Arthur Kwon Lee Of Title Celestial Migration 2020. Acrylic on Canvas 243.84 cm x 127 cm (96 in x 50 in)Featured auction will be part of #artgalaauctions third season of 2020. ART CATEGORY : Contemporary Art Featured auction will be part of #artgalaauctions third season of 2020, starting date June 23th to the ending date of the auctions Agust 13th , 2020.



Artwork: Title Celestial Migration

Artist: Arthur Kwon Lee

Certificate Of Authenticity Is Included.


Category: Contemporary Art

Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 243.84 cm x 127 cm (96 in x 50 in)

Edition Number: NA

Frame Details: Unframed.

Signed by the artist.



This painting was produced during the pandemic of COVID-19 but was meant to be showcased at Art New York and an exhibition with ChaShaMa before the cancellation. It will be virtually exhibited through Orenda artworks and Filo Sofi Arts before the end of this year and is not available for sale through these two parties – I am designating this work of art for ARTGALA Auctions.

Country Where Item Is Located

United States/New York


Celestial Migration is a dynamic composition infusing both themes of in-depth romanticism and war in a backdrop of a Kyoto silhouette taking flight into lighthearted blue butterflies. The painting is a unique combination of the sacrilegious and primal, this is done by the gestural fauvist mark making, pixelation and intense color harmonies that make a strange resemblance to pop art like qualities.

This painting is a juxtaposition of Western and Eastern imagery rendered in a complimentary color scheme. On one hand the concept of the work locally is an exploration on the allegorical tales that have influenced me as an Asian American, but at a universal level the painting is an allegory on contentment – the composition is full of dramatic figures with rich symbolism surrounding a monk in meditation.


Additional Information
Price: $15,000

Estimate 15,500-20,000
Increments: $700.00

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