Artist Statement 

As a painter I am interested in making the work of the soul more visible and real, enriching our everyday lives. It is in these moments when our soul speaks to us in a quiet, perhaps even a silent voice – wielding great power and influence at both a conscious and unconscious level.

A primary role of my art is to provide clarity and insight into issues of soul as inherent elements of man’s role in creation. As awareness and consciousness increases, so does the clarity with which we are able to perceive the exquisite beauty and wholeness of creation. Ultimately, art acts as both a mirror and a lens that gives presence and visibility to that which previously was unseen, unknown and not understood, often residing in the underground of the conscious.

It is worthy to note that in this endeavor one learns that – the perception of all great beauty always has an element of “strangeness” and in its expression is an opportunity to truly know the perfection of all creation.

Painting is a universal language and its truths are accessible to all who view an image regardless of culture, nationality, age, language or status in life. The paintbrush is a tool that crosses cultures, breaks boundaries and grants access and connections that are not available through any other means.

In my work as a painter I seek expression and a deeper knowledge of these issues and in that pursuit a profound experience of being intensely alive. It is here that one’s life has resonance within our innermost being, knowing the intense rapture of life. By following our passion and our bliss and by being willing to enter the “underground”, we find paths that have been there all the while, waiting for each of us. The life we live becomes the life we should be living and one has the opportunity to know the fire of passion and the continuing renewal of the life within. On this wondrous path, being an artist makes me become an instrument of story telling, spirituality, faith, seeing, knowing, exploration and celebration.


Aditya Dev is a self taught artist whose works are individualized and spontaneous. They represent a pictorial  form  of  language  with poetic metaphors maintaining a very  balanced  trapeze  with his  roles  of  an emotional poet and an   adventurous painter, all converged in degrees  that  are  apparent to those who care to  see  beyond  the surface.                                                                                                                                                                                            

“The  artist  dreams  his  paintings  and then paints his dreams” His works depict the human desires as a  reaction  to  the world  he lives  in.   A thrilling   spark which expresses different emotions in a simple way  by rendering  his  moods  in  true forms.  His works  depict  the  surrealistic  world  of fantasy, beauty of  nature,  spirituality,  colorful   dreams  and  beautiful   bonding  of   flora  and  fauna  basically  having tools  of  feminism  and  a  variety  of  mediums.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

He   sketches   his  characters  in such a  whimsical  position looking perfectly  mingled  with  each  other emerging   as   an   array  of   thoughts.  His  infinite  permutations  of  images bring  forth  an unheard sequences  of  emotions  and  delight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

As a poet he continuously  de-constructs  the words  to construct  something  new and  different in his paintings.  That is  the confidence, when  he enjoys  in his paintings the possibility of discovering  a form and  pattern  beyond its borders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

“The hues of works will shower all with blissful  joy and positive aspirations.”                  

                                                                                                                      The Asian Age , Culture Carry                                                  


History Of The Artist.

Adyta Dev’s persona and artistic capability make him in one of those rare artists who constantly experiments with his own thoughts and style weaving them in a new string and then presents a miniature day-to-day life on canvas. From inspiration, emotions and feelings to brush strokes, colours and composition, his life-size frames render a reality-based novel without words. With shades, strokes, hues and style all working in a solitary efforts, Aditya captures the essence of his idea in a satirical, pictorial, twisted yet beautiful and fascinating way.

The self-taught artist chooses his characters from the present day fast-moving life. As 21st century humans change their colours – both in positive and negative way – in every other circumstances vis-à-vis his characters. He emotes desires, open-eyes dreams, bonding, lust, nature, humanity, feminism, and different meanings to life. His paintings, at the same moment, send a social message to its audience.

His frames depict the contemporary thinking and lifestyle and are far away from traditional though his each canvas is highly textured, bold and beautiful and makes a statement of its own. He describes his works as a modern abstract with abstract impressionist influences.

Aditya brushes paintings in such an intricate style as at first glance it seems the canvas has some mingled characters in one single composition while at other, it unfolds a story of surrealistic world. At times, his strokes clearly showcase that the artist is poet by nature and brings forth his satire on contemporary, modern life on canvas.

The poetic-artist embraces varied themes like at one canvas, he captures human desires to fly like a bird and attitude of care for no one in this egotistic world, on the other he nourishesaffections among individuals, especially men and women or their association with nature. He paints in detail their expressions and feelings – not only love and emotions but also anger, jealousy, lust and fun. His brush strokes add beauty and harmony in all nuances giving them a new definition.

Aditya’s determination and hard work has led to consistently self-introspecting and interesting canvases, unlike anything seen before. “…I have educated myself through the ‘trial and error’ approach. And, now I am currently 100 per cent a self-taught artist. I feel there is always at least one thing that you can take away from the surroundings, life, humans, their behaviour and capability to react to unlike situations.”

He adds: “I am a pretty staunch-type person when it comes to painting because I enjoy every aspect of painting. I do lend towards the strange and beautiful.”

Aditya splashes vibrant acrylic shades to depict the characters. His palette mostly consists of jewel-like colours from the spiritual yellow and vibrant red to hazy blue and transparent brown. He forms layers on layers with wide and spontaneous strokes to explore the compassion and squib of a poet.

In drawings too, the painter creates semi-figurative characters and arouses a person’s journey towards his freedom. For the purpose, he draws boats and birds like props to showcase a heart’s sensitivity and emotions. Though his series named ‘Life’,he embellishes the fashionable mind-set. In one of the frames, he emotes today’s women who are more career-oriented and can opt unethical ways to grow. His picks up charcoal on paper medium.

He says, “My work is very challenging, and painting brings a sense of calm in my life. It is what I look forward to every day as soon as I wake up. It is extremely therapeutic for me to paint. I am an eternal optimist and like to believe in every kind of relationship, whether it is human beings’ relations with nature or woman’s association with man for her own purposes. I believe that everything happens for a reason. And, I can’t imagine my life without art.”

The prolific artist got exhibited his paintings in way back in 1986. He then participated mostly in group exhibitions but as time passed, he switched over to solo exhibitions. “Painting has always been my first hobby or you can say passion. However, it has become my ambition, my love. I am thrilled by the positive responses I have received so far.”

The painter says, “Before I start, I usually have a theme or concept in my mind, and I like to draw that raw image and see what comes out of it.” He works with his themes and rarely does any research on the concepts. Whether the piece of art be praised or criticized, he uses to draw the harsh reality and its results on the society.

“I don’t think I can honestly choose a favourite. I paint only that I think the paining or drawing will depict today’s society…so there are too many favourites to pick one up from. Each canvas is different because I like to spread awareness a bit with my characters as well…so there are too many favourites to choose from. I like painting a canvas and exhibiting it off other people and seeing the outcome.”

Aditya was conferred with All India Exhibition CWG 2010 Painting Award; 2nd Bhiku Ram Jain Art Award and Parma Spandan Chitarkala Award.

He has shown his works in places such as Washington in the US, AIFACS Art Gallery, annual exhibition of NDMC, International Grand Hotel, Ashoka Hotel, Lokayata Art gallery and many more. His exhibitions received a huge acclaim from media as well. He was also interviewed by All India Radio, Doordarshan, all leading newspapers and magazines. “…From the opening night, it seemed that people liked my work or I least what I saw,” he says on his recently concluded exhibition.

His Facebook page is full of positive comments and support for what he is working on. “Networking has been a big part of meeting new faces and getting appreciation and online feedback is that ‘nice little pat on the back’ when you show something good.”

The artist has also published his poems’ book ‘Bheed Ki Baraf’and ‘Dard Apna Apna’. In the collection as well, he pens down relationships, nature and emotions in picturesque to satirical way. “As my inspiration comes from day-to-day life, my poems sing the same tone like my artistic characters. I usually write emotions and responses to circumstances with little to no add-ons and if that does not touch my heart, I use my satire on them to express.”

His future holds fascinating, creative and stunning paintings. Many of his contemporary artists shower praises on him for his skills of drawing spontaneously within minutes you blink your eyes.

Aditya, in fact, has carved out a niche for himself and his work is hard to assign to one genre. His conscious approach to every detail of his paintings makes him rise above the subject of genre to an influential artist ready to take the artistic world by storm in days to come.