Artist: Aima Saint Hunon

After studies of applied art in material sculpture of synthesis, Aima Saint Hunon, young and talented creator, becomes involved in the pursuit of forms and curves revealing a sensuality similar to her own inner being. The process reveals and amplifies her works with time, found deep within herself, mixing maturity and sensuality. In this new momentum, the artist confirms the control of her potential through works varying from 30 cm to 2m.

After numerous travels, Aima applies herself to differents materials such as terra cotta, wood, stone and bronze. She assembles these different materials in a dreamlike, symbolic magic. Very touched by the expression of femininity, this artist leads us into a universe where women become goddesses, where eroticism flirts with purity. Her imagination takes us towards fantastic worlds where emotion and the sensuality of a land reflects its soul. Her sculptures no longer have real forms, more an abstract-realistic search of emotional force.

But sculpture no longer suffices for Aima, she opens up other horizons through painting, that projects her into her imagination, mixing gaiety, enthusiasm and passion. Her very personal technique integrates different materials to the color of her paintings. Sand, wood, pigments, paper and other matter intervening at the moment of creation captivates our attention as well as the lines of her drawings. She creates only through emotion and her direct environment influences her most.

Always in search of expression, Aima establishes a direct relationship between the sensuality of the world in which she evolves and that of her own body, staging them in a series of videos, and photos. After 5 years of theatrical studies in various schools in Paris, the artist exploits her potential through a series of video art where the emotion of a country, a city is reflected in an abstract fashion allowing the emotional imagination of the spectator free to interpret the message he feels. Her performances during private viewings give energy to the exposition shown.

Through her open mindedness, her sculptures, paintings, photos, poems and videos have a multicultural character that begets a world where creation has no barrier, no limit.