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About The Artist 

Alexander Radtke is a young Russian contemporary artists, that he provides an unconventional approach to analyzing and interpreting art movements and directions.The painter considered classical painters as his teachers: Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Titian and Ingres, but he also drew his inspiration from the works of Francis Bacon, Amedeo Modigliani and Edvard Munch. In 2014, Radtke receives a proposal for a festival in Germany. Immediately agreeing, he moves to Berlin…

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Auctions By Alexander Radtke


By Alexander Radtke

Size.70×70 cm Medium. Oil on canvas

Description of Art

“In it, I emphasize the interrelation of the visual (landscape) and the spiritual, inner world (consciousness), which results in an abstract composition.”

Artist Statement On This Piece.

“Abstract concept of communication between internal and external. Created on inspiration from Iceland.”Abstract landscape part of a series of 2019.

Country Where Item Is Located?
Russian Federation/ Sverdlovsk

Current Price: $3,200.00 Increments:$500.00