Artist: Alexandra Sobakina

My name is Alexandra Sobakina, I’m 22 years old, I’m an artist from St. Petersburg. Studying at the Academy Stieglitz on speciality the artist-restorer of oil painting, also engaged in the study and analysis of contemporary figurative painting in Russia. I think that good art is something that evokes emotions in a person and makes you think about important issues of existence. In my last series of works I tried to do it.

“SUB | OBJECT series”
Human emotions are impermanent and unstable, a reflection of their current state is almost impossible. Difficult negative emotions are what people usually hide and want to hide deeper. But I’m trying to catch them on canvas and reveal. Each canvas is a new condition that has been experienced and analyzed lately, set out frankly and honestly. I see that parts of the human body can transmit emotion. With their help, I convey the various states through which each artist passes: struggle, doubt, search, creation, again doubt, acceptance, catharsis. Each viewer can find the emotion that catches him and pulls out of his routine to these pictures.Works participated in the personal exhibition of works “SUB | OBJECT” from 01.20.2019 – 03.02.2019