Artist: Allois

Allois work deals with dislocation and estrangement, at times employing decidedly cute characters in innocently grotesque or strange situations. Allois’ paintings portray characters that visually embody states of mind, from the mischievous to the manic.

The occult and metaphysical themes recurring in the work call to mind the universally recognizable issue of the unknown origins of the soul, and the pre-linguistic mind. Disproportionate, malformed creatures inhabit barren landscapes, where our attention is refocused on the interrelations between characters. The figures seem alien or fantastical, but at the same time they are highly relate-able.  The figures evoke raw emotions in the audience by being vague to the visual senses but obvious to the spirit.

Bleicher/Golightly Gallery

“Allois paints presences. Her figures manifest conditions, sliding away from personality and into mood. A particular character may present itself as a child or adult, man or beast, but its identity gives way almost immediately to its nuance. These figures, then, are others and at the same time are us. They don’t simply constitute Allois’ cast of characters; they stand in for any of us. The yogic construct of the soul is as a tiny homunculus seated or curled at the base of the heart. This must be the homunculus with whom, in many variations, Allois populates her canvases”.

Peter Frank, American art critic, curator, and editor based in Los Angeles, where he serves as Associate Editor for Fabrik Magazine. Over his nearly 50-year career New York-born Frank has edited several art magazines, written for many more, and organized exhibitions all over the world.

“I think her phenomenal work is a unique combination of the future and the past,” Jacqueline “Jac” Forbes, curator and owner of Malibu’s Canvas Gallery, said, commenting about the intriguing and inspirational art work of Malibu artist Allois. “It blends the delicate beauty of the past and the uncertainty of what the future will bring and what people will look like. It’s great work to get lost in.”

Malibu Chronicle, “Malibu Artist Allois Paints Visionary Atavistic Intrigue and Mystique“/ Mar 29, 2017, Article by Barbara Burke