Ekaterina Vorona was born in the Republic of Moldova. She graduated from the College Fine Arts and is currently completing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moldova with a concentration in painting. Her painting focus on the immutable human body and its destiny. Ekatrina looks for a meaning in everything wither it is a chair, a table, a cup a home or nature. She constantly seeks new methods for expressing her ideas and emotions through painting. She creates in her painting a first person narrative and there is always a secondary narrative with either a group of people, interior objects or nature. Ekatrina likes all types of art. She treats all disciplines with great respect as she continues to expand her vision.

Education: 2011-2015 College of Fine Arts In Kishinev  2015-2018 Academy of Fine Arts In Kishinev

Exhibitions: 2012-2015 “Young painter” Exhibit center A. Plamadeala. Kishinev
2014 – Exhibition in Russian center. Kishinev
2014-2018 “Spring salon” Main Exhibit center C. Brancus. Kishinev
2015-2017 Art Exhibition by Embassy of Polish “Jan Matejco” Kishinev
2015-2016 “Night of Art” Kishinev
2017 Group exhibition In France alliance
2016-2018 “Young creator” Main Exhibit center C. Brancus. Kishinev 2016-2017art colony in Romania 2015-2016 won in the Olympiad in art and had the right to search two institutes 2017 – art class for children aged 4-7 years 2018-took part in the project aimed at spreading art to Masa. The picture was shown on the ice-screens in all the trade centers in Dubai.