Artist: Franz Caba

Franz Caba  (October 3, 1991) .

Architect and self-taught artist, born and raised in Domini-
can Republic. Since he was little he found in art a safe place for self expression and a tool to understand his world and the others. While Studying Architecture in Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Caba continued developing his art interests, constantly drawing in notebooks and looking for a visual language of his own. Caba lives in Santo Domingo.

Artist Statement

I use drawings as dialogs, dialogs that allow me to conect the reality i live in and the one that exist within me. I approach drawings in an instinctive manner, trying to divest myself from pretentions and specific ideals. Using my memories as references and direct models, I build a reality that might contrast with the earthly plane, but in its core belongs to me. I like to imagine that the ink and the paper turn my drawings into letters, poems or simply words, deformed, translated and appropriated by myself. Watercolours and gold leaf give me opposites, immediacy and patience, the transparency and the solids.
Male figure is the protagonist of my drawings, the fat body, traditionally perceived as a symbol for laziness and the static, i give them dynamism, been transgressed and distorted, my characters interact with their condition in the same way i interact with mine, they are islands and men. In portraits, heads, flowers and fruits, mimic each other, speaking about the endless pursue for identity. Inside my pieces i try to preserve the emptyness, inspired by the japanese terminology of Ma, a consciente space, allowing my characters to be background and figure, giving that emptyness to the imaginarium of the beholder.
Looking for beauty is my main objective, i try to find visual pleasure in the absurd and decadent. My drawings are nurtured by states of mind, a virtual battle ground, unsatisfied, that make us vulnerable to ourselves, having a visual representation on the deformity of my characters. My work as an analysis and critic to the ideals of the perfect self, i find fascination in whats corrupt and fragile, always changing, in a permanent loss. My work is a search for belon- ging, an exorcism to fears and taboos about my body and soul, a political space of intimate discussions.
Franz Caba.

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