ARTGALA is proud to announce our featured online exhibit by fashion Photographer Daniel Perry. This online exhibit highlights some of his shoot from early on in his career.  This exhibit highlights Daniel Perry’s early work of his career as well as some the most striking fashion & fine art photography taken wile working as a editorial photographer between the late 90’s -2000. This online exhibit-showcases: Harlequinn  (1994) ,Andy  Warhol & Princess Grace  (1988) ,Girl in Rainy Window  (1995) 

Odalisque (1996)  as well as other available apron request.

Daniel Perry is scheduled to remain on display online until June 27th, 2021 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. The complete selection will be available for acquisitions to all ARTGALA LLC registered members.   Complimentary private sales access will be granted by request. To learn more please contact a representative:

Private Sales

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Representative: Mariah Abarm

Representative: Maria Guerrero