Artist: Pava Wülfert

Pava was born in Ibague, Colombia.  His work is strongly based on painting, sculpture and installation. His studies in architecture to initiating his approach to art. With a great interest in constructivism, suprematism and minimalism, his architectural background also contributed to acquiring the basic knowledge and essentials of his work.

Pava’s creations explore the visual space where colors, surfaces, shapes, lines, dots, and sensations are highly present – questioning the very meaning of the pictorial process.

His work is based on the awareness of timelessness and references of unlimited space, far from any transcription of reality. Drawing from meditation and reflection, it becomes a dematerialization of existence. Heterogeneity, hybridization, mixing, and recycling, as ideas and attitudes in cultural practices, are also present in his work.

His works have been exhibited in Denmark, Italy, France, Holland, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia.