Artist: Reyes Ocre

Visual artist

Graduated from the National School of Arts. He made his first solo exhibition in 1996 in his hometown, under the title “Ocher, only Ocher”, which combined with his surnames served him for his stage name Reyes Ocher.


First: Acrylic prize at the International Art Festival in Le Bernard. Bernard, France.

First prize: in The National Art Contest of The Dominican Agribusiness Board.

Finalist: first National Contest of the Newspaper of National Circulation… Diario Libre (a free Dominican`s newspaper).

Finalist: in the first, National Contest of the National Drinking Water and Sewerage Directorate I.N.A.P.A. Water as a source of life.

Finalist: at the 28 biennial of contemporary art. In the modern art museum of the city of Santo Domingo.

Finalist: in the 2nd Ginefiv Art Prize. In the category of Best Work. Madrid Spain. 2016 elves of my island national gallery of the palace of fine arts.

2015 letter to the subconscious, cultural center of the tele communications.

2014. Palace of Fine Arts Saint Sunday.

2013. Perth Amboy gallery center.

2013 Middlesex country expo collage. Embassy of the Dominican Republic in France chooses one for the Annual agenda of that year. Collective Exhibitions in Santo Domingo

2011. In Pink Tone Art Gallery, Sormet.

2011. French Alliance.

2011. Mother Expo. Blue Mall

2011. Expo Caribe! Blue Mall

2011. International Cultural Festival in Honor Of San Miguel Arcángel —- Ministry Of Culture.

2010. Tribute To Mandela _Ministerio De Cultura.
International Associated Exhibitions.

2010. Genoa, Spain, where he presents the exhibition Raíces Caribe (Caribbean Roots), together with great national and international painters.

2010. Dos tiempos. (Two Times) Las Vegas, Nevada. Style in this exhibition the artist was recognized by the Las Vegas Nevada National Congress, the Congressmen, Shelley Berkeley, Senator Harry Reid and John Ensign. He was also recognized as a distinguished visitor by the community of Dominicans United in Nevada. USES.

2010. one of each in N.Y Gallery Latin Fine Art. USA. Then he exhibited in Mesa Fine Arte in the exhibition the color of the Caribbean in the framework of the circuit of galleries.

2009 participates as guest artist in the collective exhibition entitled Dominican Baseball Players, together with great painters of the Dominican plastic arts.

Then the Association of Sports Writers (ACD), invites him as an exclusive artist for the Athlete of the Year awards, and two of his works were part of the awards that athletes acquired.

2009 collective exhibition, generations one of the most interesting exhibitions presented this year.

2008 is proclaimed winner of the 2nd place, of the National Art Prize, Of The Dominican Agro-Business Board.

2008 presents its 8th in Santo Domingo Individual exhibition entitled H2 Ocre which was praised by national and international critics. In July

2008 he traveled to Spain and presented his Seventh Individual Exhibition titled Planeta Mar, (Sea Planet) which was praised by the Spanish Art Critic Joan Lluís Montané, member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

2008 he participated in the collective exhibition Caribbean`s Roots in the Museum of the Dominican Family.

2007 he made his VI Exposition stories of the sea, in the Museum of the Dominican Family, former House of Tostado.

2006 participates in the First Exhibition of Murals “Malecón Center 2006.RD

2005 the Sony firm (J & N Records) selected five of their works for the cover of the collection of the hits of 2005. Miami.

2004, he exhibited in the city of Panama, one of the most important art fairs in that city, Expo América 2004.

At the end of 2003 he was selected as a finalist in the “Third Painting Contest of the Americas” held at Casa de Teatro.

2003 he exhibited in the city of Panama entitled: Caribbean and the world, representing Dominican Art.

2002, an ascending career began, Junior Reyes Ocre exhibited his works at Expo Arte, considered one of the most important arts events in New York City. That same year he is invited to participate in the Latin American Festival of Art and Culture. Made in the city of Torino, Italy.

2001 He presents his second solo exhibition entitled \”Sonido Ocre\”, in the registration room of the Dominican American Institute.

1999 he participated in his second collective in the province of La Romana. In that year he travels to Italy, to his first International Exhibition, where he was praised by the art critics of the country.

1998, this proud of been Dominican participates in His First Collective in Altos de Chavón. Where he had great reception