ARTGALA is proud to announce our featured online exhibit by artist Tania Marmolejo, tilted Iland Girl curated from the selection provided by Lyle O Riley Gallery. This online exhibit highlights the remain Latin artist Tania Marmolejo’s most striking  and recent paintings created during  her time in quarantine this past 2020 as well as a phew of her older pieces. It offers a rare opportunity to acquire artwork by a very defined female Latin American artist contemporary works; featuring pieces such as: Realizing the Truth 2019;  Suburb Story, 2019; Zuleida Tiene Un Secreto; El Escondido- Hide and Seek,2019 as well as selection of piece createdduring curentine such as “Quedate en Casa Belkys”- In the time of Isolation March-May 2020 and “Days Of Loneliness”.

Iland Girls is scheduled to remain on display online until March 14th, 2021 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. The complete selection will be available for acquisitions to all ARTGALA LLC registered members.   Complimentary private sales access will be granted by request. To learn more please contact a representative:

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Representative: Mariah Abarm