Born in Metz (North East of France), Véronique Pinault has been showing a strong interest for art, design and painting for a long time. Paying attention to a world in constant change and drawing inspiration from her trips, her readings and her qualms, her life vibrates to the rhythm of her brushes resulting in creations full of energy, joy, depth and colors.

As a self-taught woman, she began her creative process in Toulouse. She decided to consider her own art object in the aftermath of her participation to the 2012 Toulouse Cow Parade. She opted for scissors in order to lend prestige to this object long forgotten in the art world.
She designed and created her original mold. This resulted in eight different and unique models.

Driven by this enthusiasm over unique objects production based on molds, she then proceeded with the Piggy Banks Frenzy, délire de tirelire. Fifty original models (outsider art, cubic or exotic styles) have been created so far.

Through paintings close to outsider art, endearing characters of multiple and extravagant shapes become the messengers of her short tales.

Whether it is with her scissors creations, her Piggy Bank Frenzy or her thematic paintings, pure art arises from the creator\’s joy and spontaneity.

Véronique Pinault now exhibits her art in capital of Modern Art Céret, France and also in Barcelona, Spain.