Celestial Migration

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2020-10-30 20:00:00 EST


Category: Contemporary Art

Market: Primary market.

Materials: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 96in ×50 in.

Year: 2020. Unframed.

Signed by the artist. Certificate Of Authenticity Is Included.

Country Where Item Is Located.
United States/New York

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Current Price: $15500.00
Increments: $1000.00

Shipping details: Artwork will be shipped in a rolled form.

Description of Art
\\\'Celestial Migration\\\' is a dynamic composition infusing both themes of in-depth romanticism and war in a backdrop of a Kyoto silhouette taking flight into lighthearted blue butterflies. The painting is a unique combination of the sacrilegious and primal, this is done by the gestural fauvist mark making, pixelation and intense color harmonies that make a strange resemblance to pop art like qualities.

What is the concept of this piece?
This painting is a juxtaposition of Western and Eastern imagery rendered in a complimentary color scheme. On one hand the concept of the work locally is an exploration on the allegorical tales that have influenced me as an Asian American, but at a universal level the painting is an allegory on contentment - the composition is full of dramatic figures with rich symbolism surrounding a monk in meditation.

History of this Item?
This painting was produced during the pandemic of COVID-19 but was meant to be showcased at Art New York and an exhibition with ChaShaMa before the cancellation. It will be virtually exhibited through Orenda Art Works and Filo Sofi Arts before the end of this year and is not available for sale through these two parties - I am designating this work of art for Art Gala Auctions.


5% of profit will be donated to St Jude Children\'s Hospital.