The Dark in the Rainbow

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Market: Primary market.

Materials: Camera, Print

Size: 20 ×28 .

Year: 2019. Unframed.

Signed. Certificate Of Authenticity Is Included.

Country Where Item Is Located.
Nigeria/ Abuja

History of this Item?
This piece was photographed on the 31st of August 2019 by Obiageli Adaeze Okaro. The name of the photo Subject is - Georgina Gora. This Photo is one the few pieces from a photo series titled - The Dark in the Rainbow.
Additional Information

Description of Art
“The Dark in the Rainbow” In every rainbow that blooms, there are colors that you don’t see right away. The ones that are in between or at the ends of the rainbow, that they almost seem faint. But they aren’t the ones you see and scream of excitement when you sight them from your balcony after a night’s pour. It’s the one you never see. With lucid colors, shown in clothing, head gears, the beautiful subjects dark skin along with the bold colors in the background, I used them as a medium to tell a story. This story is about freedom, finding self and being one’s self wholeheartedly and unapologetically but then other times having to hide parts of yourself, your identity so that you don’t come off as different, odd or ugly. I used these bold colors to say that one can be anywhere they want to be, be whoever they want to be, no matter the rainbow they find themselves in. Because rainbows don’t create themselves, they don’t choose the colors they want to be. They exist for a purpose. And for me the purpose is to bring beauty and good things to this not so perfect world of ours.
What is the concept of this piece?
colors seen in this piece are blue, orange, yellow, grey, red, purple, & violet. The repetition & composition of these colors in the photo, signifies the rainbow effect which I achieved with the lucid colors of the seats. I balanced the photograph with the blue scarf Which is seen running down from the subject is face & hair to the end of the chair.
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Shipping details: Artwork will be shipped in a rolled form.

5% of profit will be donated to St Jude Childrens Hospital.