Forever After

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2020-10-30 20:00:00 EST


Category: Contemporary

Market: Primary market.

Materials: Acrylic, papers

Size: 4 ×3 ft.

Year:Unknown. Unframed.

Signed by the artist. Certificate Of Authenticity Is Included.

Country Where Item Is Located.
Nigeria/ Lagos

History of this Item?
The painting was painted on June 20th and 2020. The idea originated from the contemporary arts, the impressionism and expressionism a style that fluxes between the two movements. The painting was initiated through a conversation with an art collector who gave a clear insight on how my paintings can speak more volume with the infusion of imagery and figures in 2019. The meeting was held at his office in Victoria island Lagos, Nigeria. And after the conversation, I did several experimentations which resulted in this painting. It started on the 16th of June and completed on the 20th and signed.

Additional Information
The ground was prepared with paper collage before the painting was done. A figurative abstract expressionist painting.

What is the concept of this piece?
The painting which comments on the norm, reflects our culture and social means of identification or status as love is embedded in us and we grow to love and choose to love, being full of the ecstasy and the aura of love which brings about the union between a man and a woman. Our culture and what expectation brings.
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Shipping details: Artwork will be shipped in a rolled form.

5% of profit will be donated to St Jude Children\\\'s Hospital.