Here at ARTGALA, we make auctioning and collecting worldwide fun and easy to understand. Becoming an ARTGALA member allows you to browse, place bids, consign your art and submit a pitch for our upcoming online magazine.



You can register with ARTGALA  as a member, art collector, artist, or gallery. Once you fill out our registration form a confirmation email will be sent promptly.

Please note:

  • Beneficiary auctions will have an additional participation fee.
  • All ARTGALA’s participants must register and agree to our terms and conditions.


ARTGALA carefully curates each artwork submitted. The foundation of ARTGALA is based on requiring Certificates of Authenticity in order to provide honesty, transparency and fairness to both collectors and artists you must follow the necessary steps.

As a seller, here is how you register to consign your work.

Registration menu and select Art Consignment.

  • After you confirm having a Certificate of Authenticity, select the category and complete the form for each individual piece you would like to submit. Provide as much information as possible.
  • Upload an image of your Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Upload an image of your work in high resolution.

Our Curatorial Team will proceed to evaluate your proposal(s), and will be in touch with you in 2-3 business days to inform you of the next steps.

Auction Process

ARTGALA auctions start and end every Thursdays. The duration of ARTGALA auctions last for a period of three weeks.
ARTGALA seller’s must agree to all terms & conditions and abide by the Art Consignment Agreement once accepted. As a selected artist, you and your work will be marketed for a time period of one month, free of charge.

If the artwork does not find a home once the auction ends, consigning the artwork afterwards as a silent auction can be up for discussion with the artist and ARTGALA team.

Once the auction has ended and has met or exceeded the reserved price, ARTGALA will notify you immediately. Shipping details and shipping fee will be provided. Artwork must be shipped immediately (google drive will indicate estimated shipping date). The Certificate of Authenticity must be prepared and included with the artwork for shipping.

ARTGALA charges 15% commission of the final bid. Payment will remain in Escrow until the artwork has been received and confirmed by the final bidder. Once the winning bidder confirms they have received the artwork you will receive payment. This can vary depending on the shipping company.

More information is included in the Art Consignment Agreement. This agreement must be signed to finalize the auction process.


At ARTGALA we pride ourselves in working tirelessly to provide a fun and optimal experience for the modern, savvy collector. Registering as an Art Collector on ARTGALA is very simple:

  • Select Art Collector at the bottom of the Registration form.
  • As soon as you receive your membership confirmation, explore all of our categories under the Auctions menu.


Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Go to desired auction

Step 3: Place Bid