Online Exhibit: Adam Handler

A selection of artwork by Adam Handler available as immediate sales.

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ARTGALA is proud to announce our first online exhibit by Adam Handler, tilted Creative Girls, curated by ARTGALA LLC. This online exhibit highlights Adam Handler’s most vibrant paintings created in 2019 & 2020. It offers a rare opportunity to acquire Adam Handler’s contemporary works; featuring pieces such as: Wood Walker Girl, Friend Until the End, Granma Eve, 3rd Avenue in Spring Girl, and the Sisters by the Bay.

Creative Girls is scheduled to remain on display online until February 28, 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. The complete selection will be available for acquisitions to all ARTGALA LLC registered members.   Complimentary private sales access will be granted by request. To learn more please contact a representative:

ARTGALA LLC Business whats app

+1(732) 421 8570

Representative: Mariah Abarm

Adam Handler (B.1986, NYC) is a reformed artist staid convetion of beuty by retuning to supposed primal or elemenary beginnings, by adopting a child like style, questioning our conceptions of and presumptions about our surrounding reality.

As Paul Lee noticed “Children also have artistic ability, abd ther is a wisdom in their having it! The more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples”

Adam Handler attempts to present ostensilbly unmediated expresssions of creativity by eschewing traditional painting technique. His strong colours into his deceptively casual brushstoke, the humorist notes from the daily life and the distrotions of scale and from makes people  and flower seem more real than real one.

Handle’r sophisticated childhood creative artistic exprestion engages the viwers on the artwokr’s owns tems.

Adam Hanldle studied Life Drawing in Italy and went  on to graditude from Purchase College in NY with a major in Art History.