The Portrait (Room Series)by Shabana Godhrawala


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Shabana Godhrawala

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Artists Statement

Self-taught Artist from India. I love to smear colors on my canvas using a knife which gives my artwork a deeply textured rough raw unfinished look.

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The Portrait (Room Series)by Shabana Godhrawala



Materials: Oil on canvas.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: Size: 42 in x 36 in

Original artwork in oil on canvas. Detail observation of the room.

Frame Details: Unframed.
Signed by the artist.

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I have smeared colors on the canvas using a knife to give the artwork a deeply textured rough raw unfinished look. Painting tries to capture the timeless beauty of the Room the everyday objects and furniture. It has a perfect balance of grandeur and simplicity at the same time. The earthy colors gives the artwork an expansive calming energy. The sides of the canvas are also painted to create a three dimensional quality. Artwork will be shipped in a rolled form.


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Current Price: $3000.00
Increments: $275.00

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