Staff: Michelle Acevedo

Michelle Acevedo (American art entrepreneur and fashion designer) Michelle Acevedo is a graduate of the prestigious Altos De Chavon School of Design where she pursued her studies in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. It was during this intense, unique preparation that Michelle was selected to work for the school’s annual auctions and social events. She quickly exhibited an inherent ability to connect with art collectors, industry professionals and artists from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Her education also includes a valuable cultural and academic experience at Parson School of Design where she continued to expand her global relations. Recognized for her capabilities, enthusiasm and tenacity, Michelle was hired as an art therapist which fostered an even greater appreciation for the influence of the arts in daily life. As an independent art consultant, Michelle was inspired to create a digital platform that would facilitate artists to gain access and global exposure while maintaining simplicity and consideration for the requirements of the art collector and art connoisseur. In 2016 ARTGALA was founded.