African Contemporary Art Through Eye Of History by Udoakang Promise Peter

Through Eye Of History

 Schedule April 30th,5:00 AM – May 21st 8:00PM

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Udoakang Promise Peter

Udoakang Promise Peters is a multidimensional painter (hyper realist and impressionist), whose works are deeply rooted in the happenings, emotions and moods of the black skin Africans. He has illustrated his works in several mediums.(Ankara, Oil Paint, Water Paint)


He was born on the 1st of March 1997, in Lagos State Nigeria to parents from Akwa-Ibom State in the South-Southern part of Nigeria. He is a self taught and highly motivated Artist. He began his artistic career at the Inistic Global Multimedia Company and the Rhythm of Art Theatre Group. There he was exposed to the world of Art and was inspired by great artists locally and abroad.


He is currently a student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (Lagos Camp).He is highly inspired by works of great masters that emphasize the happenings and moods of the people around him. He has participated in a numerous exhibitions and his works are in private and public collections both in Nigeria and internationally.

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Through Eye Of History by Udoakang Promise Peter



Category: African Contemporary Art.

Materials: Oil on canvas.

Size: 90 cm x 90cm.


ART CATEGORY : African Contemporary Figurative Art.

Through Eye Of History by Udoakang Promise Peter
Auction Scheduled to start April 30th,5:00 AM – May 21st 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time.


Artwork: Titled Through Eye Of History

Artist: Udoakang Promise Peter.

The piece is a golden brown (vintage) painting of a female figure with elaborate scarifications, attire and beads. It shows a trace of indeginious Nigerian art and culture.

Frame Details: Unframed.

Signed by the artist.

Certificate Of Authenticity Is Included.

Country Where Item Is Located

Africa Nigeria/ Lagos State


The piece is inspired by the story IFE) Ife(aka Ile-Ife) which was an ancient African city that flourished between the 11th and 15th century CE in what is today Nigeria in West Africa. Ife was the capital and principal religious centre of the Yoruba Kingdom of Ife and prospered thanks to trade connections with other West African kingdoms. Ife is particularly famous today for the magnificent metal sculptures its artists produced which include serene-looking human heads so masterfully crafted that Europeans once wrongly considered them the work of another civilization.


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Increments: $250.00

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